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  • Avgerinopoulos Giorgos

    I decided through this page to communicate with you!

    I want also you, to see that when the enthusiasm does fascinate you and you have will to deal with "mania", then you can accomplish what in the beginning seemed to you impossible...
  • Tzanis Dimitris
    I was born in 1950 and already live the sixtieth year of my age.
    My life since childhood was always a lot of work and obligations.
    I married young and raised two children. By my 56 years I have given to myself absolutely nothing. I was working, even on Sundays.
    Suddenly, I realize that I do have the right to have fun, as of course we all do.
    I start to do airmodelling, because this was my dream...
  • Karasoulas George
    Diploma Electrical Engineer, specialized on Industrial Automation Systems

    Dealing more than 37 years with aeromodelling, he crated and operated the first Greek aeromodelling journal in INTERNET, between years 2003-2005, titled as “Greek Aeromodelling Journal”...

 A wonderful ride in Tatoi

 The following photos are taken during a wonderful ride by bicycle in Tatoi, at the previous "Royal Estates". The total length of the route which my co-cyclists friends and I have discovered, as it has been shaped through detours and altenative paths, is 15 Kw.

As a level of difficulty, I will characterize the route as "A" or "A-B". It is suggested even for beginners or unfit cyclists, as the hypsometric difference is low. Moreover, a large part of the route is done in the forest under the trees. Most of the route is covered by old asphalt and some kilometers are on dusty road. However, we have discovered some small paths to fire up the adrenaline and also to justify the title of "mountain" bike.


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