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  • Avgerinopoulos Giorgos

    I decided through this page to communicate with you!

    I want also you, to see that when the enthusiasm does fascinate you and you have will to deal with "mania", then you can accomplish what in the beginning seemed to you impossible...
  • Tzanis Dimitris
    I was born in 1950 and already live the sixtieth year of my age.
    My life since childhood was always a lot of work and obligations.
    I married young and raised two children. By my 56 years I have given to myself absolutely nothing. I was working, even on Sundays.
    Suddenly, I realize that I do have the right to have fun, as of course we all do.
    I start to do airmodelling, because this was my dream...
  • Karasoulas George
    Diploma Electrical Engineer, specialized on Industrial Automation Systems

    Dealing more than 37 years with aeromodelling, he crated and operated the first Greek aeromodelling journal in INTERNET, between years 2003-2005, titled as “Greek Aeromodelling Journal”...

At the beginning of 2007, I was looking to buy a different model. I was thinking of a twin-engine model, without having any previous experience with this type but I wanted something unusual.


My research led me to “Cessna 337 Skymaster”. I was impressed by the fact that it has one engine mounted on the nose like common airplanes, and the other at the rear part.
I was satisfied from my choice and then the only thing I had to do was to choose a manufacturer


Piper Arrow (Aviomodelli)

My dear friend George Karasoulas insisted on offering this model to me and this is how it came to my hands. It was not my intention or desire to get into such trouble and built a model which was in KIT format, as today almost all models are available in ARF.


Anyway, I did not want to offend him and on the other hand it was a very tempting offer because he has already done the 40% of the work and he was just keeping it like that unfinished on a shelf because he lost his patience!  


Agusta A109 Powermt_gallery
My friends were not so interested in helicopter models, including myself, too. Never thought that I would get one of these.

Until one day, an aeromodelist friend
George Damianakis, who knew my preference for Agusta A109 Power helicopters, announced to me with excitement: "Mr. George, do you know that

Agusta A109 model is available in the market?” He had in his hands a magazine full of photographs.
I couldn’t believe in my eyes!! I was surprised by the accuracy of the assembling.


The boat of Giovanni Ciapparelli





I have a dear Italian friend, Giovanni Ciapparelli, who also used to be a business collaborator for at least ten years. He lives in Varese (outside Milan) and he is pensioned for almost a year now.


During all these years, besides work, we shared our mutual love for music. When Giovanni was young, he was member in a group and he was playing the guitar. Then he has been practicing with piano - harmonium and singing. We both have memories from many unforgettable musical events at my home, where Giovanni was singing and playing the piano.






I started the building of “Anteo” in August  2009, during summer holidays.

“Anteo” is a replica of an italian steam tug boat, which at the Second World War helped the departures of ships for several ports in Italy, for many years.


After August, summer holidays ended and so did the building of the model. July and August of this year, were almost completely dedicated to the completion of the project!


Considering that two persons, worked in average eight hours per day for three months, that means approximately 1.500 hours of work.


I started to build the model at the beginning of July 2009 and it was completed at the end of August of the same year.

I built it with the help of my colleague and friend Mohammad Jane Alam, who was keeping the model stable at a specific position depending on the case, he was giving to me all the necessary tools and also he was giving me advices on how to proceed with the work.



Almost thirty-five years ago, maybe more, during a trip in Genoa, Italy, me and my best man Takis bought  two kit of a small fishing boat, called "Susana".


At the hotel, I opened the package and inside there were many wooden sticks, with which I had to work in order to reach the result of the colored photograph that was on the cover of the box.


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